Friday, February 10, 2012


Love has many meanings if look it up in a dictionary but which meaning do we understand? Some understand love as to care of to take concern of someone so I, for example take concern to you, would that mean that i love you?

There are those who understand love so deeply that they passed the point of keeping dignity.From my little research in the Internet,love will lead to marriage which its purpose is to avoid one's reputation become tarnished.

Unfortunately,many people especially females understand love as giving their body to someone thus tarnishing their own reputation. It's not the males fault if we left you after we get what we nature's law to leave after we get what we want but if we still don't get what we want,we keep asking thus we won't leave you.

So , in the end the little relationship with males that you thought as love may not be love. It might be a predator-prey relationship in which the prey will not get benefit from this relationship.Thus my advice , Don't give something that you will regret later.